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Telchine is one of the few companies in the world who provide air fed generators, and the only United States manufacturer of its kind of tube and shell ozone technology.

The ozone generation process involves introducing dry air or oxygen to a highly energized plasma, which breaks apart two oxygen molecules and recombines them as O3 (ozone). During this process, electricity is used to help produce ozone in a highly controlled environment that, when done correctly, delivers to you a turnkey product that is used to decrease or eliminate bacteria, viruses, metals, and other contaminants. Although this is a highly convoluted process, our overall goal is for the customer to never have to worry about the complexity. Our equipment automatically manages this for you!

What is Ozone


of using ozone generators

The benefits

Ozone has multiple uses for many different industries, and we as a people do not yet even know its true potential. Ozone, since it can sterilize and treat, is especially useful for:
  • Fish farms
  • Aquariums
  • Drinking water
  • Water treatment plants
  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  •  ...and much, much more!
 It can, if used appropriately, replace chlorine and UV for disinfection purposes. Some research has shown that ozone is 3,000 times more powerful than chlorine gas, and is much safer for the environment, as it does not leave any by-products in the water. Although ozone may have higher upfront costs, return on investment is quickly realized. 




About telchine

Telchine Energy Technologies is a US-based OEM that produces turnkey technology to eliminate issues commonly plaguing the ozone market today. We have spent decades developing the advanced technology and acquiring the knowledge to provide products that exceed the customer’s production, efficiency, and service expectations. We provide everything from:
  •  Telchine Technology Generators
  • Flow splitters, compressors
  • UV, Destructs, filtration
  • Monitors, software automation
  • Automation, sensor applications
  • Piping, pumps, plumbing
  • Plasma blocks, VFDs
  • Airprep, oxygen concentrators
  • Ozone injections/contact systems
  • Upgrades of antiquated equipment  
  • ...and much more!
Extending beyond ozone applications, Telchine Energy Technologies also automates and troubleshoots complex processes/software and integrates various system applications, ensuring that your business is running fluidly and with minimized error. 

air fed generators

oxygen fed generators

Our Generators


Destructs & Flow splitters

Monitors & Feedback

Generator support items

  • ozone Contactors
  • air prep
  • o2 concentrators
  • Much more
  • Destruct Heater 
  • Carulite/Destruct Media
  • Degassing Valve 
  • Flow meters
  • ozone Ambient monitor
  • Dewpoint Switch
  • Destruct Heater 
  • Flow Meter 
  • ORP

why choose telchine

Our goal is to exceed your expectations during every phase of the project with our renowned customer service, 24-7 support, builds, and products. Not only are we a participant in this industry: We are a leader. Our technology is so advanced, consistent, and intelligent that our equipment manages itself, is self-reliant, and anticipates common process issues where our competitors cannot. We service multiple industries, and are always looking to extend our knowledge base. Some of the applications that we have extensive experience in are municipal water treatment plants, aquaculture, animal life support systems, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, textiles, agriculture, bottling, and much more!

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