about telchine

Telchine Energy Technologies is a US-based Original Equipment Manufacturer  who produces turnkey technology that eliminates issues commonly plaguing the ozone market today. We have spent decades developing the advanced technology that exceed any production, efficiency, and industry standards. 
Telchine takes you through every step of the ozone application, providing everything from:

  • Telchine technology-based generators
  • Flow splitters
  • Destructs
  • Monitors, VFDs, software automation, controls, and sensor applications 
  • Piping , Pumps, Plumbing
  • Plasma blocks
  • Airprep, Oxygen Concentrators, Compressors
  • Ozone injections/contact systems filtration
  • Upgrades of antiquated equipment
  • ...and much more!

Our goal is not just to deliver what specs and systems/products you are asking for, but to go beyond to provide a system that exceeds expectations in every way. Extending beyond ozone applications, Telchine R&D also automates and troubleshoots complex processes and software, ensuring that your business is running fluidly and with minimized error. 

what we do

how we help

We service multiple industries, and are always looking to extend our knowledge base. Telchine is one of the few companies in the world who provide air fed generators, and the only US-based manufacturer of its kind of tube and shell ozone technology. Some of the applications that we have extensive experience in, just to name a few, are:

  •  Municipal water treatment plants Aquaculture
  • Animal life support systems
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and beverage
  • Textiles,
  • Agriculture
  • Bottling
  • ...and much more! 

Although we have standardized products, we can also customize and modify any of our machines to best suit your needs, environment, and situation. We also provide customized automation upgrades and retro-fits to ensure that your business is running smoothly. Unlike some of our competitors, we are available 24-7-365. You will not be left without the service that you and your business require! 

Telchine Energy Technologies is excited to provide you our next-level service, support, and consistent return on investment, exceeding any industry expectations!


Robert Turnbull has over 25 years of engineering, design, and service in the water treatment industry and its associated markets. Robert has had the pleasure of being a Lead Designer and Engineer in both research and development endeavors as well as supporting standardized products. Further, in being both a managing partner and founder in previous Ozone and Aquatic companies, Robert gained a unique and high-level understanding of ozone generation, UV sterilization, advanced oxidation, automation, integration, and all its counterparts. Robert saw a market opportunity for products that were more reliable, more advanced, and more process-forward technology, so he set out to make that happen. The result was the birth of Telchine Energy Technologies. Robert and the team’s breakthrough, cutting edge technology delivers products that supersede competitors. On a personal note, Robert enjoys boating, fishing, traveling, and having the occasional beer with family and friends. 

robert turnbull

founder & ceo

Kristine Fairman has two Masters degrees and 15+ years of experience in operations/finance/strategy/business development, taking small businesses and developing them into multimillion-dollar industry leaders. Early on, Kristine got her start as a Speech Language Pathologist supporting the geriatric population, and eventually found herself leading one of the largest therapy companies in the country as Executive VP of Operations. For the last few years, Kristine has transferred her skills into the ozone, advanced oxidation, UV, automation, and integration industry, fast becoming an expert in the field. Kristine enjoys reading, writing, the beach, boating, and travel that leads into breathtaking views!

Kristine Fairman


Will Richmond has 15+ years of experience overseeing maintenance, installation and repair in various manufacturing industries. He has extensive experience and is an industry star in managing aquatic life support systems, plumbing, hydraulics, generators, motors, automation systems, water testing and chemical management, each with their respective OSHA standards. Will’s goal is to ensure that the team exceeds all expectations in design, operation and maintenance of our products through every step of your experience with Telchine.

Will Richmond

Manufacturing Manager